Sitemap - 2023 - Mystery Cult with Amanda Yates Garcia

Ch-Ch-Changes (to the schedule)

REPLAY: Full Moon in Cancer Ritual

REMINDER: Full Moon Ritual Tonight 6pm PST

Capricorn Season can help you find your role in life.

Merry Winter Solstice!🎄

A sign of prayers answered...

Important things you need to know about...

New Moon in Sagittarius

Accessing "Your" Intuition...

Witch Mentors, Vulva Cream, and Pagan Jewelry

REPLAY: Full Moon in Gemini Ritual 11/26/23

Full Moon in Gemini Ritual

Our Year of Magical Being...

4 Reasons Not To Be "Spiritual"

[Updated Link] New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

7 Gifts for Our Collective Altar

Why your intentions aren't working...

Poems and Protection

A Samhain Smorgasbord

REPLAY: Full Moon in Taurus / Samhain Ritual 10/25/23

Full Moon in Taurus Ritual - Tonight, Everyone's Invited

Scorpio Season Takes Us Between The Veils

A love note for those who are feeling overwhelmed.

A Witchcraft Manifesto

Hecate and the New Moon in Libra

Here’s what you missed last week…

Witch Way Q&A: What if your magic is scary?

Friday I'm in love... with critical theory!

REPLAY: Full Moon in Aries Ritual 9/22/23

Reminder: Full Moon in Aries Ritual Tonight

Aries Full Moon is the Listening Moon?

Eros and Witchcraft + Full Moon Reminder

How much do you have to celebrate Mabon to still call yourself a witch?

Big (scary, exciting) News!

Virgo New Moon - A Guide

What witches learn on their family vacation...

Relaxing Back Into What You Love

A Simple Tool For Focus



Super Blue Moon in Pisces: What You Need to Know

WTF even are Correspondences?

Was Alchemy "Real"?

Witching Your Craft [Witch Guide Download]

What to Do on the New Moon in Leo

What if you get annoyed when you’re doing your spells...

What I mean by "Mystery" Cult

REPLAY: Full Moon in Aquarius Ritual 8/1/23

All About Lammas - The Ancient Pagan Festival & Today's Full Moon 🌕

Enter the Lion's Gate

What is the Wild Hunt?

In Venus Rx you will become a strange beast...

New Moon Ritual Suggestion: Self as Collaborative Project

Friday is Fun Day - Good Things Inside

Trusting ourselves isn't something we do alone.

Witch Way Q&A: Help! I have ADHD

REPLAY: Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual 7/3/23

Insecure? The Capricorn Full Moon wants a word with your inner child.

Witches, Whales, and Other Sea Creatures

Messages from the Solstice

🌞 Celebrate Summer Solstice Like a Pro

New Moon in Gemini Ritual

We witches can make it rain...

Witch Way Q & A: What if my neighbors suck?

Replay: Full Moon in Sagittarius Ritual 6/1/23

Reminder: FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS Ritual Tonight

Get Ready to Bloom with the Full Rose Moon

REMINDER: Language of the Birds Reading Group Meets Tonight

Witch Way Q & A: Spiritually Awake vs. Psychotic Break

New Moon in Taurus: Sensing the Sacred

Live Chat: Which Witch Books?

3 Ways to Connect with Your Inner Witch

Replay: Full Moon in Scorpio Ritual 5/5/23

Reminder: Full Moon Ritual begins at 6pm PST

Where are YOU going to feel this Scorpio Moon?

Full Moon in Scorpio: Flower Moon, Milk Moon, Magic Moon

Happy Beltane!

Reminder: Reading Group starts at 6pm PST

Who's allowed to say "shaman"?

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

Is life passing you by?

Venus Day Love List 4/7/23

REPLAY: Libra Full Moon

Eroticism and the Full Moon in Libra

Libra Moon is the Beauty Moon

[Updated Links] Essay Club Starts at 6pm PST

Pluto Enters Aquarius

REMINDER: Live Chat Starts at 12pm Today PST

Welcome, Aries Season!

Venus Day Love List: Yumming Your Yum

Celebrate Hecate on the Dark Moon

Replay: Full Moon in Virgo Ritual 3/7/23

Full Moon in Virgo Ritual Starting in 1 Hour

Saturn in Pisces + Full Moon Invite

Venus Day Love List – 2 March 2023

On Letting the Spirits Come Through You…

Most people don't know how to access their inner worlds.

New Moon in Pisces: Protecting Our Dream Worlds

REMINDER: Creative Accountability Group Chat Starts at 12pm PST.

Recipes for Love

REPLAY: Full Moon in Leo Ritual 2/5/23

Full Moon in Leo Ritual Starting in 1 Hour

Full Moon in Leo Ritual Starting in 1 Hour

Leo Full Moon: When Creativity Blossoms

Imbolc: Brigid's Holiday of Inspiration

Calling in Love of All Kinds

More Fun with Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius

Grounding is a Way of Coming Home To Yourself

Introducing My New Assistant: My Brother, Conor!

Jupiter is in Aries: will you leave your husband?

REPLAY: Full Moon in Cancer Ritual

REMINDER: Full Moon Ceremony Begins in 1 Hour

Full Moon in Cancer

Happy New Year! I have a gift for you...