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Who am I?

Welcome! I’m Amanda Yates Garcia, otherwise known as the Oracle of Los Angeles. I’m a writer, artist, witch, and lover of the Mysteries. I decided to start this Substack because I got sick of how social media was training our brains to constantly scroll, seek instant gratification, and judge each other as click-bait. The world I’m interested in is slow, it’s based on relationship, on depth, is collaborative with the more-than-human world, and is full of magic not adds for boots and cat DNA tests. For me, witchcraft helps us find the courage to resist dominator culture, and guides us on our path to live the most beautiful, enchanted, inspired lives we can imagine. I want to share with my community how witchcraft has helped me, and all the things I’ve learned — but I wanted a private space to do that, and here it is!

Who is this Substack for?

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of witchcraft, its contemporary practices… if you’re interested in achievable, ADHD friendly ways of bringing witchcraft into your own life… if you want to know more about the Western Mystery Traditions… if you follow my work and like what I’m up to… if you love literature, the arts, mythology, folk and fairytales… if you’re an intersectional, de-colonial, queer-loving feminist… if you’ve got a sense of humor and don’t want to spend your energy focusing on telling other people how they’re getting it wrong or being self-righteous… if you’re obsessed with plants, animals, and the more-than-human world… if you’re into Somatics, tarot, astrology, and critical theory… if you’re looking for a community of folks who also love these things… then this is the space for you!

Why subscribe?

Paid subscribers make it possible for me to focus on researching & creating work that helps YOU cultivate your own magical practice, and find the courage and clarity to live the life you want. The more paid subscribers I have, the more I can focus on creating for you, rather than marketing my projects. I want us to create a world together where we all live according to our most joyous free will, and I believe enchantment is the way to do that.

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Important note to Between the Worlds podcast people:

This subscription is NOT the same as the Between the Worlds tarot coven, which is an entirely different project I do with my podcast producer, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs. Subscribers to Mystery Cult don’t get discounts to Between the Worlds coven stuff or vice versa, sorry for any confusion. They’re still both really good deals tho! If you want to subscribe to that project, you can do so here.

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Witchcraft, tarot, mythology, ecology, embodiment, belonging, animism, and enchantment for art witches with ADHD.


Amanda Yates Garcia is a writer and public witch. She hosts the Between the Worlds podcast, and a Substack called Mystery Cult with Amanda Yates Garcia. Her book, Initiated: Memoir of a Witch, has been translated into six languages.